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Set Definition of Set by Merriam-Webster.
b: needing or wanting nothing further Would" you like more coffee" No" thanks, I'm' set" The leak is fixed, so you should be set now. After winning the lottery, they were set for life often used in the phrase all set Would" you like more coffee" No" thanks, I'm' all set" Can I help you find something, or are you all set?
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8.7. sets Unordered collections of unique elements Python 2.7.18 documentation.
A set is greater than another set if and only if the first set is a proper superset of the second set is a superset, but is not equal. The subset and equality comparisons do not generalize to a complete ordering function.
Set JavaScript MDN.
let mySet new Set mySet.add1 // Set 1 mySet.add5 // Set 1, 5 mySet.add5 // Set 1, 5 mySet.add'some' text' // Set 1, 5, some text let o a: 1, b: 2 mySet.addo mySet.adda: 1, b: 2 // o is referencing a different object, so this is okay mySet.has1 // true mySet.has3 // false, since 3 has not been added to the set mySet.has5 // true mySet.hasMath.sqrt25 // true mySet.has'Some' Text'.toLowerCase' // true mySet.haso // true mySet.size // 5 mySet.delete5 // removes 5 from the set mySet.has5 // false, 5 has been removed mySet.size // 4, since we just removed one value console.logmySet // logs Set4 1, some" text, in Firefox // logs Set4 1, some" text, in Chrome Iterating Sets.
Set deity Wikipedia.
22 In the earliest account of this episode, in a fragmentary Middle Kingdom papyrus, the sexual encounter begins when Set asks to have sex with Horus, who agrees on the condition that Set will give Horus some of his strength.
Set kaartspel Wikipedia.
Als iemand SET" roept maar deze niet kan aanwijzen of een combinatie aanwijst die geen set is, mag die persoon niet meer meespelen totdat een andere speler een juiste set heeft gevonden of moet deze speler een set inleveren. Einde van het spel bewerken brontekst bewerken.
SET meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
set sb sth She was set the task of looking for ways to cut costs. set sb a goal/target/challenge Analysts said the bank had set itself a tough target of increasing its revenues by 6% per annum. set up shop.

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